Since 1983 Rossi has been devoted to preserving and restoring fine antiques and art.

Rossi has combined his intimate knowledge of antique furniture design, and the use of exceptional woods and materials, with mechanical ingenuity to evolve to a new plateau.

Announcing Rossi Antiques' most recent innovation:

The Evolution Table. A fully motorized and remote control operated, self storing expanding table.

Our Mission Statement

The Rossi Company strives to provide to the utmost discriminating high end consumer, with the finest individualized work, high-quality furniture, and objets d’art . We preserve centuries old manufacturing techniques, along with the skillful and sustainable use of fine noble woods and rare exotic material.

Rossi Company trajectory and purpose.

Rossi Antiques was founded in San Francisco, the vision of Luis Rossi, an immigrant from Argentina in 1983. He trained in Italy and Latino America. The old-style european wood manufacturing shop, with Master Skilled Workers and their Apprentices was his model of choice. The Company focused at that point primarily on the restoration of fine rare antique furniture and objet d'art, focusing on seventeenth century pieces. To be able to complete such intricate projects a team was drawn together composed of Carvers, French polishers, Ebanists, Gold-Leaf-Artists, Painters and traditional Mirror Labors, among others.

Nationally recognized Interior Design Firms, and numerous patrons of the arts noticed the quality and exquisite work, and remained faithful clients of Rossi’s to this day. In 1997 xRoss, an élite line of furniture was introduced and distributed through more than ten trade showrooms. They represented the brand’s products in a constellation of U.S cities such as: New York, Dallas, Huston, Chicago, Dania, Los Angeles and of course, in its home, San Francisco. xRoss product also sold to many end users based in Europe, Asia and South America.

The productive cord of the Rossi Company was sustained by the creative strength of his founder Luis Rossi, who through more than thirty years was able to secure three U.S patents, for his inventive furniture productions:

● A manually-expandable table named, avolo Trastevere; his artistically and innovative signature piece.
● A framed –two way-mirror that efficiently and tastefully conceals a flat TV.
● An expandable motorized table (which can be operated via remote control) called “volution Tabl”, the result of a prolonged study of the original mechanical work used on the novel 1997 Tavolo Trastevere design. ● All patented pieces have proper documented credits given by Trade Media outlets and supported by a heavy client-demand.

Tavolo Trastevere: 1/4/00, patent #6,009,814
Two way mirror: 10/30/07, patent #7,287,737
Evolution Table: 3/6/18, patent #9,907,393